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      Medical Equipping

      Our Biomedical service acts as a one stop solution for the procurement of medical and non-medical equipment, bringing together the specific needs and knowledge of l parties to meet customers’ requirements within agreed budget and timeframe.

      Medical equipping projects require coordination, flexibility and thoroughness and we provide the most comprehensive, integrated and systematic hospital equipment planning, procurement advisory and ongoing assistance with equipment management services.

      Our equipment planning capabilities encompasses epidemiology, demographic, clinical, financial and health system perspectives. Keeping true to our passion for patient, we have a profound sensitivity to what patients need and how healthcare professionals and facilities function.

      Scope of Work

      • Equipment Planning
      • Preparation of Bills of Quantity
      • Coordination of M&E, Civil, Structural Consultants and Architects
      • Preparation of Equipment Specifications for Subsequent Sourcing
      • Organizing and Coordinating Delivery Schedule of Equipment in line with the project progress
      • Testing and Commissioning
      • Test Scheduling and Training for end users
      • Maintenance and Servicing during Warranty Period

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